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Digital narrative game (Phase 5)

I am so grateful for this opportunity to make a digital narrative game representing issues and problems that me and my group always face by society. My game is entitled “Orphans and Society”.  I am so proud of this assignment the most. I was eager to represent my group well and discuss the actual problem we face so it was not enough for me to just rely on my personal experience. I made a post on “Rate AUC professors” to ask people how they perceive orphans. I also interviewed some AUCians and asked them the same question. The outcome of this small research was expected but I sort of profe it to myself. You can find the outcome of my small research here.  I also interviewed a number of orphans to get more ideas about the problems that should be included in my game. I also asked the ambassador of orphans Nahla El-Namer about the major problems that our group faces. Although collecting these data took much time from me, The data helped me significantly to select my situations wisely. That was the reason why I did not modify it a lot. I received feedback from my colleagues and my professor. They all liked the game and they gave me some feedback and told me to modify some typo mistakes. Yet, I know it is not the best in terms of phrasing but this is the thing I am planning to work on during this summer vacation. I might be tempted as well to add more scenarios. I am also planning to translate it into Arabic to make it feasible to more people. I wish we had more time to work on this awesome project. I would modify the phrasing of the scenarios. I would also get the chance to have more feedback and work on these feedback. This was an issue that I faced to be honest. I received some feedback from many people from my community but unfortunately I did not get the chance to make modifications because of the lack of time. I may also make it like the Spent game we played in class. I was planning to make an indication of wellbeing that will go up and down according to the player’s choice of options and then calculate the wellbeing at the end. To clarify, I would tell the player at the beginning to bring a piece of paper and a pen. Then, in each scenario, they have different choices to make. If they choose a scenario that will increase their self confidence or their wellbeing, I will ask them to write +Xpoints. If they choose a choice that will affect them negatively, I would ask them to deduct Xpoints. The addition and subtraction of points will be relative to the severity of the situations. After that I will ask them to add the points together and see their level of self confidence and wellbeing. This is something I would definitely do, if I had more time. I learned during this game very important skills such as using photos that are copyright free to use. Not everything online we have the right to use. I will provide the links of the photos I have used. I know that they are not all copyright free but the majority are. I would care more about that If we had more time. However, this is one of the things I will modify in my game this summer. I also learned a new tool in google slides which is linking slides. This created a sort of dynamic in my game. It makes me feel that it is an actual game which moves from one situation to another. If I were to give students advice during working on that assignment, I would ask them to study the group they are planning to represent properly. You do not want to misrepresent people. This is annoying to the group you want to represent. I still remember that game I played “Orphan by heart”. Though I agree with some of the points mentioned in this game, the game represents a lame model of orphans which is a thing we always fight. We are done from misrepresentation as you will see in my game. This misrepresentation we see every day in the media. How many movies and series represented orphans as thugs? How many represented them as poor people with dirty faces and clothes? . Due to this misrepresentation, people used to link orphans to poverty, ignorance, stealing, thuggery, uncivilization etc. Each misrepresentation of the following shapes people’s minds about orphans. Some may believe that orphans are homeless and poor so we have to be pitiful to them. Some may believe that orphans are ignorant and that their opinions should not be taken into consideration. Others may believe that orphans are thugs and criminals and that we should not involve them deeply in our lives. And so on and so forth. This is my only advice to you all. Please do not misrepresent any group of people even if it is your group. Overall, I really enjoyed this course and particularly this assignment and I am so thankful and grateful to this course and to my outstanding professor. Thank you!

The link to my game >>–YpEFiK9dzzdmi4/edit?usp=sharing

This is the table of links to some of the photos I used. 

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